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Prayer News: A Room Full of Empty Wheelchairs and 6,000 United in Prayer in Cairo

Presence Pioneers Podcast Episode 130
Recent prayer gathering of 6,000+ in Cairo, Egypt

Thousands of believers are uniting in prayer in Egypt, and God is releasing his miraculous power! Jason Hubbard is back to share exciting testimonies of his recent trip to Cairo, including his visit to the room of wheelchairs that have been collected from those who have been healed at the prayer meetings.

This is our first “prayer news” episode, which features short testimonies of how God is moving among praying groups around the world. Do you like this shorter format? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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Global Day of Prayer for the Jewish People

Towards the end of the episode, Jason also shares about the Global Day of Prayer for the Jewish people this upcoming Pentecost Sunday, May 19. Click here for the prayer guide and more details.

To learn more about God’s heart for Israel and the Jewish people, check out these other resources from Presence Pioneers:

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