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Prayer News: Fifty 24-7 Prayer Chains on WhatsApp from 30+ nations

Presence Pioneers Podcast Episode 134

Learn how 24-7 prayer is fueling Bible translation and awakening revival in the hearts of God’s people around the world. In today’s “Prayer News” episode, Matthew Lilley interviews Daniel Brink, the director of Jericho Walls, an interdenominational Christian prayer ministry founded in 1992, with the purpose of building a strong, broad-based prayer network to support the Church to fulfil its calling as a “house of prayer for the nations”, according to Isaiah 56:7. Daniel shares about their ministry’s 100 prayer networks from over 30 nations, whereabout half of those groups are sustaining 24-7 prayer.

The Presence Pioneers Podcast exists to help you experience and host God’s presence through worship and prayer - because God’s presence changes everything! Subcsribe now.


00:00Raising Walls of Prayer

02:24Jericho Walls: A Global Prayer Network

05:08Virtual Prayer Rooms and Increased Engagement

09:24Praying for Revival and Specific Themes

14:49Tangible Results and Transformations

16:26Engaging with Jericho Walls

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Presence Pioneers Podcast
Hosted by Matthew Lilley, the Presence Pioneers podcast exists to help you and your community experience and host the presence of God through day & night worship & prayer – because we believe God’s presence changes everything. We discuss topics such as prophetic worship, intercessory prayer, global missions, unity in the Church, revival and the tabernacle of David.