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The Dark Side of Religion and How to Get Free w/Gunter Akridge

Presence Pioneers Podcast Episode 123

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode, Matthew Lilley and Gunter Akridge discuss the dark side of religion and the religious spirit. Gunter shares his personal journey of discovering the religious mindset and how it can hinder our relationship with God and others. They explore the concept of being right and wrong at the same time and the importance of humility and love in our faith. Gunter also highlights chapters from his book, 'Kill the Dragon,' which address topics such as control, offense, and the need for genuine encounters with God. The conversation concludes with practical steps to break free from the religious mindset and embrace a life of freedom and intimacy with God.

The Presence Pioneers Podcast exists to help you experience and host God’s presence through worship and prayer - because God’s presence changes everything!

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Key Takeaways

  • The religious spirit can hinder our relationship with God and others, and it is important to recognize its presence in our lives.

  • Being right in our beliefs and practices does not guarantee a right heart or motives. We must prioritize love and humility.

  • The pursuit of control and the tendency to take offense are common manifestations of the religious mindset.

  • In prayer communities, it is important to avoid spiritual pride and manipulation, and instead inspire others through encountering the presence of God.

  • To break free from the religious mindset, we must listen to the Holy Spirit, choose humility and forgiveness, and seek genuine encounters with God.

About Gunter Akridge

Gunter is the founding pastor of The Dwelling Church in Savannah, Georgia and the author of Kill the Dragon : Reclaiming Your Life from the Dark Side of Religion. He calls coastal Georgia home, alongside his wife Bethany, and their three children. Gunter's primary calling lies in fostering spiritual renewal within the Church to ignite spiritual awakening throughout the broader culture. His dedication to this vision shapes his writing and teaching, and fuels his passion for creating transformative experiences through the written and spoken word.

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Hosted by Matthew Lilley, the Presence Pioneers podcast exists to help you and your community experience and host the presence of God through day & night worship & prayer – because we believe God’s presence changes everything. We discuss topics such as prophetic worship, intercessory prayer, global missions, unity in the Church, revival and the tabernacle of David.