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The Father's Heart and the Orphan Spirit with Elliotte Pearson

Presence Pioneers Podcast Bonus Episode

In this podcast episode, Matthew Lilley interviews Elliotte Pearson, one of his spiritual fathers and mentors, to discuss the heart of God as a Father. They explore the misconceptions and belief systems that can hinder our understanding of God's love and goodness. They emphasize the importance of recognizing God as a good Father and the need to let go of a law-based mentality.

The conversation also touches on the orphan spirit and the spirit of adoption, highlighting the significance of knowing our identity as sons and daughters of God. Practical steps for living in the reality of God's fatherhood are shared, including daily affirmations and studying Scripture to gain a deeper understanding of God's heart.

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Hosted by Matthew Lilley, the Presence Pioneers podcast exists to help you and your community experience and host the presence of God through day & night worship & prayer – because we believe God’s presence changes everything. We discuss topics such as prophetic worship, intercessory prayer, global missions, unity in the Church, revival and the tabernacle of David.