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Commercialization of Worship Music & Why There's Hope with Jamie Fitt

Presence Pioneers Podcast Bonus Episode

In this conversation, Matthew and Jamie Fitt discuss the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David and its unique approach to worship and prayer. They explore the distinction between worship-centered prayer and prayer-centered worship, highlighting the importance of worship as the starting point for prayer.

Jamie shares his fascination with the intersection of worship, warfare, and prophetic ministry, drawing inspiration from the Tabernacle of David and the role of instrumentalists in prophesying. They also discuss the impact of the Toronto Outpouring and the future of the Tabernacle of David movement. Jamie expresses concerns about the commercialization of worship and emphasizes the importance of authentic worship in local communities.

Watch Part 1 of this interview here:

The Presence Pioneers Podcast exists to help you experience and host God’s presence through worship and prayer - because God’s presence changes everything!

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  • The Philadelphia Tabernacle of David places worship at the center of its prayer model, with prayer flowing out of worship.

  • The Tabernacle of David movement emphasizes the intersection of worship, warfare, and prophetic ministry.

  • Authentic worship is born in the secret place and is not dependent on commercialization or large-scale productions.

  • The future of the worship movement lies in the sound coming out of prayer rooms and local communities.

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Hosted by Matthew Lilley, the Presence Pioneers podcast exists to help you and your community experience and host the presence of God through day & night worship & prayer – because we believe God’s presence changes everything. We discuss topics such as prophetic worship, intercessory prayer, global missions, unity in the Church, revival and the tabernacle of David.