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Over 20 Years of Davidic Worship in Philadelphia with Jamie Fitt

Presence Pioneers Podcast Episode 129

Jamie Fitt, founder of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, shares his journey and the impact of worship and prayer on the city. He discusses the significance of the Tabernacle of David and its relevance in the New Testament. He highlights the importance of embracing the priesthood of all believers and ministering to the Lord first before ministering to others.

The Presence Pioneers Podcast exists to help you experience and host God’s presence through worship and prayer - because God’s presence changes everything!

Watch Part 2 of This Interview Here:


  • Worship and prayer can have a significant impact on cities and regions.

  • The Tabernacle of David is a biblical model for worship and intercession.

  • The priesthood of all believers is essential in ministering to the Lord and others.

  • Embracing the Tabernacle of David can bring transformation and unity to the Church.


00:00Introduction and Background

06:10Starting Philadelphia Tabernacle of David

09:16Impact on the City

17:46Discovering the Tabernacle of David

25:26Personal Journey with David's Tabernacle

28:22Practical Takeaway: Embracing the Priesthood of All Believers

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Presence Pioneers Podcast
Hosted by Matthew Lilley, the Presence Pioneers podcast exists to help you and your community experience and host the presence of God through day & night worship & prayer – because we believe God’s presence changes everything. We discuss topics such as prophetic worship, intercessory prayer, global missions, unity in the Church, revival and the tabernacle of David.